Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Colloquium No. 7

The seventh Colloquium, CAM edition, showcased six grantees of the Artist Foundation of San Antonio, from six different categories. It was held at El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel, which was one of several San Antonio hotels to host art events during CAM 2011 thanks to SMARTArt's Invading Spaces Project.

Artist Presenters

Rafael Moras
Originally from Lubbock, TX

Tamara Saj
Flamenco and Baile EspaƱol
Based in San Antonio, TX

Julia Barbosa-Landois
Visual Art
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Ethel Shipton
Originally from Laredo, TX

Ito Romo
Originally from Laredo, TX

Richard Oppenheim
Improvised music
Originally from Chicago, IL

Monday, March 21, 2011

Colloquium VI

After a long absence of colloquia, the sixth Colloquium was held at Transit, a freshly inaugurated cooperative for artists in transition, on February 10th 2010. This was the first Colloquium to include performances, an event that will hopefully start a trend.

Photos of the event are available at Joey Lopez's website.

Artist Presenters

Juan de Dios Mora
Woodcut, linocut, lithograph
Originally from Laredo, TX

Joey Lopez
New media, internet
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Ernest Gonzales
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Matthew Van Hellen
Ink on paper
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Jenny Browne
Originally from Milwaukee

Monday, March 15, 2010

Colloquium V

The fifth Colloquium was held at the Southwest School of Art and Craft on March 9, during  Contemporary Art Month 2010. The artists featured in this version were a bit different from the usual gallery-hosted sort, just to mix it up a bit.

Photos of the event are available at the Potter-Belmar Labs Flickr.

Artist Presenters

Laurel Bodinus
Paint, sculpture, fiber
Originally from Detroit, MI

Christine McCrae Kelly
Cookie maker
Originally from Chicago

Jake Zollie Harper
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Rick Frederick
Originally from Detroit, MI

S. T. Shimi
Originally from Singapore, India

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colloquium IV

The attendees of the fourth Colloquium filled the space at High Wire Art to the brim. The art ranged from the very personal (Jennifer Ling Datchuk's delicate autobiographical pieces) to the community-based (Andy Benavides' art-supporting activism) to the very removed (Rob Ziebell's photos of another artist's airbrush reproductions of his photos); from the meticulous and controlled (Joey Fauerso's and Liz Ward's detailed, flowing watercolors) to the boisterous and defiant (Katie Pell's pimped out kitchen appliances).

You can see photos of the event at Potter-Belmar Labs' Flickr.

Artist Presenters

Colloquium III

The third Colloquium was housed at Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center, on October 13, 2009. The discussion was unrelenting, sometimes unforgiving, and intriguing throughout.

 For photographs of the event, see Potter-Belmar Labs' Flickr.

Artist Presenters

Marilyn Lanfear

Rex Hausmann

Holly Hein Brooks and
Franklin Bryson Brooks

Stuart Allen
Mixed media, photography, installation, sculpture
Originally from Wichita, Kansas

Beto Gonzales

Colloquium II

The second Colloquium was held at the cozy auditorium in Casbeer's at the Church on July 22 '09, with the artists presenting in front of the stained glass window. The art and the beer were equally intoxicating. As a bonus to the presentations, there was a short by Hills Snyder related to the show he curated at Blue Star, Lonely Are the Brave.

Artist Presenters

Mark & Angela Walley
Originally from Yokosuka, Japan (Mark) and San Antonio, TX (Angela)

Colloquium I

The first Colloquium took place at Potter-Belmar Labs, in southtown San Antonio, on April 23 2009. As the Colloquium with the most presenters, it ran three hours long.

Artist Presenters

Animation, artist books, drawing, installation, printmaking
Originally from Clanton, Alabama/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Painting, assemblage, printmaking
Originally from Mexico City

Thomas Cummins
Photography, painting
Originally from San Antonio, TX

Hedya Klein

Randy Wallace
General practitioner of the inferior arts
Originally from Indianapolis, IN